What Not to do While in Tenerife

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Everybody dreams of going to Tenerife. Truth to be told, it’s the ideal place for those who love the adventure and the warm weather. It’s the greatest place on earth where you can feel alive. But as any other city, Tenerife has its imperfections.  Here is a list of things that you should avoid to do.

Don’t let strangers take pictures of you

In Puerto de la Cruz some people pose as photographers. They have parrots which they use in order to attract people. They put a parrot on a person’s shoulder and they take a picture. If you want that photo, you have to pay them lots of money.

Adeje Cove

Adeje Cove

Don’t whine about smoking

Spanish people are open minded concerning this old vice. They think that the people who protest against smoking are terrified of life. That’s an interesting point of view.

Don’t waste money on restaurants

In Tenerife there are some areas that can protect you from the sun. These places are situated in pine forests. If you don’t feel like going on the beach on an evening, you can have a picnic here. It the perfect place where you can relax and enjoy a delicious meal. What’s better than eating tapas in the open air?

Don’t go into electronic shops

These shops are specially placed in the touristic zones of Tenerife. They have lower prices for a variety of devices, even for the popular ones like Nikon or Cannon etc.  You can find in these store anything you want from TVs, video games, IPhones to PlayStations. What’s the truth? If you buy something from an electronic shop, you will pay double than its normal price. Some of these gadgets are defective and your guarantee probably will be useless.

Lago Martianez

Lago Martianez

Don’t go shopping at lunch time

Commercial shops in Tenerife have a different schedule. The shops are opened from Monday to Saturday between 9:00 and 13:00/13:30. At 16:00 they’re opened again until 19:00-20:00. On Sunday shops are closed, only the tourists’ resorts are open.

Don’t take your valuables with you

It’s probably a good idea to leave your most valuable things at the hotel. The streets of Tenerife are full of thieves. Don’t keep your wallet or money in the rear pocket. And an advice for the ladies: use a bag that it can be closed and keep your eyes on it in crowded places. You should pay attention to areas such as bus stations, bars, queues.

Don’t accept drinks from strangers

If you like the thrill of a night life, you must be really careful in bars. Don’t accept drink from someone you don’t know, even though they seem harmless.

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