What Not to do While in Malaga

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Malaga is one of the most spectacular cities is Spain .If you want to have fun, explore the nature, admire the art or just sit on the beach and feel the sea breeze while you’re reading a book ,then you should plan a trip to Malaga.

If you want a trip without complications, here is a list of things that you shouldn’t do in Malaga.

Malaga city, Spain

Don’t sunbathe without sunscreen

If you choose to spend your day on the beach you should use sun protection products. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sunbathing, playing volleyball, swimming or walking. It’s important to care of your skin if you don’t want to get a sunburn and ruin the rest of your vacation.

Don’t trust the flower sellers

There are some people that try to sell you flowers for 5 cents. They simply put your flowers in your hands and ask for their money. They use this strategy as a diversion to steal your valuables. You might not notice at the moment that something is missing. It’s better to stay away from them.

Don’t buy food from the supermarket

If your dream came true and you arrived to Malaga, don’t waste your money on the refrigerated or processed food that you find in supermarkets. Go to the market. Sometimes is cheaper. Also, you can find local and fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, you can go Atarazanas Market and buy dried fruits, nuts or shrimp skewers. And what’s amazing is the fact that you can find products under 5 euros.

Don’t party all night

Even though you like to party all the time, there are other wonderful things to do while you’re in Malaga. For example, the Parador Hotel at Gibralfaro can offer you an amazing view that you won’t forget even when you’re 50. The best time to go here at sunset. Plus, you can order a glass of wine from the bar and enjoy the moment.

Don’t get distracted at bus station

Nowadays thieves have developed o series of tactics to steal your belongings. If you’re at the bus station and you’re trying to put your bags in a locker, don’t lose your attention. Look around for any suspicious people or activity. One of the strategy that thieves use is the following one: a man is walking around with a stick. He comes close to a person or o group and then he drops some coins. He is trying to pick them up; at the same time someone else comes and steals one or two bags.

If you want to arrive safe at your destination, then Malaga airport transfers might be a good opportunity for you. They offer you reliable and affordable transportation services. Their prices are lower compared to the other companies. Also, it’s very easy and simple to book a car and it saves you time.

Don’t forget about these facts when you’re going to Malaga and don’t forget to enjoy every second of your trip.

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