The Tapestries of La Orotava

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It’s difficult to imagine anything quite so beautiful. Tapestries of sand and flowers are made in several boroughs during the festivity of Corpus Christi, including Tacoronte, La Laguna and La Orotava. The highlight of the festival is a tapestry of 800 square metres, covering the whole of the centre square in front of La Orotava’s Town Hall.

The Tapestries of La Orotava

The Tapestries of La Orotava

Petals and also sand from the Teide National Park, which can only be used for this purpose and on these dates, are used to create this gigantic piece of art. These tapestries are quite special as they only last a few hours, until the Procession of Christ takes place across the square.

They are also an example of ancient traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. The people who make the tapestries, most of the local people, get up at the crack of dawn so as not to miss any part of this special day.


Borough: La Orotava
When to go: the week after Corpus Christi (Thu. in May or June, depending on the date of Holy Week)
Accessibility: Yes
Suitable for families: Yes

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