Tenerife gastronomy: The mojos

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The red or green mojo sauces of Tenerife are a delight which you must try. It might be said that they are the kings of Canarian cuisine as they are used in a large range of dishes. Canarian mojo sauces give the final touch to every recipe.

The mojos

The mojos

The green mojos are based on either coriander or parsley and are ideal for fish and vegetable dishes. The red mojos are made with peppers or “La Palma pepper”, and are ideal for meats and sauces.

The most spicy variant of the latter has become so popular that there is even a song named after it, which has almost become an anthem: “La rica salsa canaria se llama mojo picón” (the rich Canarian sauce is called Mojo picón). Over many years travellers have been enthralled by this delicious sauce and have tried, without success, to get hold of the recipe.

The mojos of Tenerife provide a most mouth-watering accompaniment to fresh fish, local meats and cheeses and you won’t find a restaurant in Tenerife that does not have them on its tables. However, arguably the best combination is that of the potato with the mojo picón. It is so good that it can be eaten by itself or as a side dish.

Avant-garde and more creative gastronomy often uses mojos as a fundamental and healthy ingredient.

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