Tenerife gastronomy: The meats

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It is curious to see how an island surrounded by coastline and with a long fishing tradition has such a varied recipe book including so much quality meat. The fact is that this quality comes from the excellent ingredients that are found on the island.

The meats

The meats

Pork and beef are the most popular and traditionally they are roasted, although they are also prepared in stews such as the delicious papas con carne or costillas de cerdo. Many restaurants in the north and south of the Island offer a wide-ranging menu which delights the hundreds of visitors who come here – mainly at the weekend. Many of them are on the “meat route”, in the north of the Island, and also in inland spots in the south, where there are plenty of restaurants.

One of the most traditional meats on the Island is rabbit, the main ingredient for one of the best-known and richest of the local dishes, conejo en salmorejo. Other meats that are popular with many people are goat and kid goat, in light sauces, and fowl.

Typical dishes, such as costillas con papas y piña and carne de fiesta are so popular that some of the island’s restaurants specialise in these dishes alone.

Did you know that you can also find lamb on Tenerife? The meat of “pelibuey” is especially recommended. This breed is native to the islands and was raised by the ancient natives, the Guanches. It differs from the common sheep in that it has hair instead of wool Its meat is delicious!

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