Tenerife gastronomy: The cheeses

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The Canarian has three or four foods which are never missing from his table. One of them is cheese, whether fresh or mature. The quality is such that many cheeses have won prizes in the most prestigious competitions around the world, against varieties from areas with a long cheese-making tradition.



The most popular is fresh or white cheese. Whether made traditionally with untreated goat’s milk or produced in modern dairies, an effort is made to respect the historical processes of preparation handed down from generation to generation. In both cases, the stages are exhaustive.

The taste and texture of the cheeses of Tenerife are unusual. This is due to the adaptability of the livestock, their food and the careful conditions of preparation and maturing. The people of Tenerife use cheese, just as they do potatoes, to accompany their most traditional dishes.

If there is one dish that stands out as a perfect accompaniment to the island’s cheese, it is vegetable stew, a delicious hot pot prepared with local vegetables. They taste great alone, but even better together.

Whether matured, semi-matured or soft, the cheese that is prepared on Tenerife is simply delicious.

Some of the most popular cheeses made on Tenerife are those from Arico, Fasnia, Anaga, Teno, Güímar and El Tanque.

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