Tenerife gastronomy: Honey

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The honey of Tenerife conceals the Island’s purest flavours. Many of the honeys that are made here are prepared with endemic flowers and others from the use of a great variety of flowers. This provides a spectrum of choice to appeal to the most discerning palates.



Beekeeping on Tenerife dates back over five hundred years and previously played a significant role in the economic activity of the Islands. Currently, Tenerife has over 500 beekeepers, a job which has generally been passed down from generation to generation.

The types of honey are very special and unique and use a host of exotic flowers. For example, the tajinaste, an endemic flower of the Islands, produces honey which is beige in colour with a mild flavour and a floral aroma. Or Mount Teide broom, which grows in summer at a height of 1,500 metres above sea level, produces honey which is amber in colour with a delicate aroma with a subtle taste of vegetation. There are also multi-floral honeys, all of which have an exquisite flavour.

On Tenerife, you can find the House of Honey Museum, located in the borough of El Sauzal. It was created to give support to and develop the beekeeping industry on the Island. It demonstrates all the services from extraction to technical assistance, all with the purpose of guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of the honey to give it a seal of approval.

In this museum, there is a centre which will lay bare the secrets of the bees and the preparation of the unique honey of Tenerife.

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