Tenerife gastronomy: Fruit and vegetables

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The most characteristic fruit of the many that are harvested on Tenerife is, without a doubt, the banana. According to experts, the bananas grown on Tenerife are classified as some of the best in the world and are exported to many countries.

Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables

The Canary Islands banana is full of character. It is small, yellow and has black spots, which distinguishes it from other varieties. What’s more, the taste – due to the fact that the climate allows it to stay on the plant for longer – is simply delicious.

Another highly significant fruit is the tomato. It was brought to the island by the English in the early 19th Century and soon became a staple of Tenerife’s agriculture and a main contributor to the economy. The Canarian tomato is delicious, highly aromatic, juicy and both sweet and sour in taste.

But the Canarian does not exist on bananas and tomatoes alone. On Tenerife, many other fruits and vegetables are cultivated which are also of high quality and have an important role to play in the islands’ cuisine. One of the most popular vegetable dishes is puchero canario. Puchero includes cabbage, beans, pumpkin, courgettes, corn on the cob, sweet potato, potatoes and meat among other ingredients. This soup or stew comes highly recommended as it is one of the most balanced and nutritious in Spanish cuisine.

To buy local fresh fruit and vegetables, you can go to one of the many farmers’ markets on the Island. Here, the farmers sell their best home-grown produce directly.

Almost all varieties of fruit are grown on Tenerife, from the orange to the pineapple and including the apple, fig, mango and, of course, the banana and the tomato. Many fruit trees arrived on Tenerife from either Asia (via Europe) or from the tropics and Europe and have now acclimatised here. All of them have acquired the unique trait of being grown on volcanic soil, benefitting from the numerous micro-climates of Tenerife.

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