Tenerife gastronomy: Fresh fish

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Just like other islands and coastal areas, Tenerife feeds itself from the sea. The waters that lap the coasts of Tenerife have enviable marine life, with a significant variety of species, which is characterized by the Gulf Stream, the great depths around the coasts and the absence of large underwater platforms. A paradise for lovers of fresh fish.

Fresh fish

Fresh fish

Seafood is instrumental in the understanding of the island’s history. The sea was the source of sustenance over a number of centuries for all the inhabitants of the Island and even today there are many families that live exclusively from fishing. In practically all the coastal villages, recently caught fish is sold at a very good price from stalls set up in the port.

The varieties that are most popular among those who live here and our visitors are: the vieja (parrotfish), the sardine, the sama (pink dentex), the mero (dusky grouper), the cabrilla (comber), la caballa (mackerel), the atún (tuna), the chicharro (jack mackerel), the cherne (grouper) and the chocos (cuttlefish).

The cooking of fish on the Island is anything but sophisticated, with a leaning towards a fresh and natural style of preparation in which the fish is the main focus. As a result, it is usually eaten either boiled or fried – delightful!

Over the last few decades, the Island’s chefs have introduced new ways of preparing seafood, with additions such as the accompaniment of special sauces or different cooking techniques. However they have been careful to respect the original tastes in order to retain the renowned high quality.

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