Tenerife gastronomy: Desserts

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You only have to look at the extensive menu of desserts available on the island to realise that the people of Tenerife have a sweet tooth. The tradition of dessert-making comes from the old sugar-refineries and farms on which sugar cane was grown and processed.



On Tenerife, desserts are mainly made in the oven or frying-pan. The best-known and most popular are rosquetes – particularly those of Guía and La Laguna – tortas chasneras, bizcochos or truchas – a kind of sweet pie which is filled with sweet potato- or cabello de ángel (angel’s hair). The hojaldres and torrijas, which are usually eaten during Carnival and Holy Week, are also very popular.

The torrijas are prepared with bread soaked in milk which is later covered in egg and fried. Honey, sugar and cinnamon can also be added.

Those who love sweets must also try the frangollo, which is made with ground maize and milk, mixed with grains of aniseed, sugar and egg yolk. Also try ‘bombón’, which is made with chocolate, beaten egg whites and syrup, and is similar to a mousse. These are all traditional desserts that you can find in any restaurant or tasca.

On Tenerife, one of the most famous cake-making specialities is the ‘huevos moles’, made with egg yolks, syrup and a little grated lemon rind. There are other variants with almonds or with a few drops of sweet wine.

Today’s cuisine has been created using recipes inspired by these rich traditional desserts. This fusion has been well effected by some of the most famous cake shops on the Island, such as Aderno, in Buenavista del Norte or in Santa Cruz, which create an amazing array of desserts, all made with local produce. They are well worth a visit.

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