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S’illot is on the east coat of Mallorca and combines the larger resort town of Sa Coma and the smaller town of Cala Moreya. Cala Moreya is separated from Sa Coma by a fresh water lagoon and is within easy walking distance. Originally a fishing village, the Cala Moreya fishermen still pull in their boats each evening and haul them up a ramp at the end of the small beach.

The village has retained its appeal and visitors to the S’Illot area have the option of enjoying the peace and tranquillity of Cala Moreya, or the livelier aspects of its more upmarket neighbour Sa Coma.


Cala Moreya beach, S’illot, Mallorca

Cala Moreya beach, S’illot, Mallorca

Both towns have superb beaches though the beach at Sa Coma is much larger, and there are numerous good restaurants, bars and shops to explore.

S’illot is popular with English families and couples seeking a peaceful resort, with the perfect balance of relaxation and excitement on offer.(Photo:Onkel John)

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