Selwo Aventura

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Selwo Aventura is a unique park in Europe where fauna, nature and adventure are the stars. Located in Estepona, at the heart of the Costa del Sol, more than 2000 animals from all continents live on the vast one million square metre Area in the semi-wild, in conditions similar to their natural habitat.

A walking and air-conditioned 4×4 tour around this fascinating area on exclusive comfortable routes transports the visitor to different African and other continental landscapes, all without leaving the Costa del Sol.

The Portico to Nature, the visitor welcoming area at Selwo Aventura, houses a careful leafy tropical and subtropical environment where Washingtonia palm trees, Fiji fan palms, split leaf philodendrons, birds of paradise, banana plants and a Nature Reserve with different primate species stand out. Bird Canyon, the Park’s second route and largest natural aviary in Europe, plays home to nearly 1000 bird specimens from all four corners of the Planet.

The Central Village is the geographic and strategic heart of Selwo Aventura. On entering the Central Village, visitors come upon the Lakes Reservation, an area covering over fifty thousand square metres and housing different African and Asian species that live in the six spacious reservations.

The 4×4 trucks transport visitors along the Route of the Valleys, where the adventure begins with a run through wild country playing home to American bison, kulan wild horses, European bison, camels and Arabian camels. Further on are Bear Gorge, Tiger Valley and Lion Ridge. The Valley Route leads to the Vantage Point of Africa, the highest area in the park.

Extend the adventure
Selwo Lodge is a comfortable hotel meaning visitors may extend their stay in Selwo Aventura and be transported to African Reserve style accommodation. It is consists of the Watu and Masai Villages – 23 replica huts of typical wood and stone housing from the legendary Continent.

Nature classroom
For    Selwo    Aventura,    maintaining    an environmental balance is a priority with a commitment to protecting endangered flora and fauna. The Nature Classroom runs innovative environmental activity programmes aimed at 8 to 17 year olds, where respect for the environment, animals and plants is learnt whilst surrounded by nature in the exceptional setting of Selwo Aventura.

Opening hours: Open from 10.00 am
Size: 100 hectares
Number of species: 200 +
Number of animals: 2,000 +

Type of flora: Indigenous, tropical and subtropical.
Internal transport: 27 all-purpose trucks with 40 seats each.
Parking: Capacity for 800 spaces.
Other facilities: Restaurants, Cafeterias, Shops, Special exhibits, Medical centre, Customer Service Centre

Autovía Costa del Sol, Km. 162.5
Las Lomas del Monte
29680 Estepona (Málaga)
Tel.: 902 190 482 (only from Spain)
Fax: (+34) 952 577 763

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