Religious Festival of Tegueste: Stories of seeds, friendship and good wine

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The Romería de Tegueste marks the start of the religious festival period. Thousands of people dress up in traditional costumes to enjoy this Canarian tradition celebrated in honour of St. Mark the Evangelist.

Religious Festival of Tegueste

Religious Festival of Tegueste

Dozens of floats decorated with all kinds of seeds, flowers and other materials parade down the streets of the centre of the village, accompaned by singing and dancing groups. This religious festival also represents friendship as local people hand out potatoes, gofio, meat, eggs and wine from the area to visitors. The following morning, visitors and locals celebrate a romería named Day of the Float, a display of beautifully decorated floats.

Borough: Tegueste
When to go: Sunday nearest to 25th
April, the festival of St. Mark the Evangelist
Time: starting at midday
Accessibility: Yes
Suitable for families: Yes

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