Religious Festival of San Sebastián: A ‘Romería’ by the sea

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Every January, the coast of Adeje hosts a festival in honour of San Sebastián. The celebration begins with a mass dedicated at midday, followed by a pilgrimage which starts at the chapel and continues towards the sea.

Religious Festival of San Sebastián

Religious Festival of San Sebastián

The country people and herdsmen profess a special devotion to this saint, with the result that the procession is led by numerous horsemen and animals such as donkeys, cows and goats. When they reach the beach of Enramada, they enter the sea and the statue of San Sebastián is placed on the shore.

It is said that in the saint’s presence, the sea which is often very rough in this area, becomes calm. The participants and animals then return to the chapel to be blessed by the parish priest.

Borough: Villa de Adeje
When to go: 20th January
Time: starts at midday
Accessibility: Yes
Family visit: Yes

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