Procession of the Three Wise Men

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Have you behaved well over the year? This question is frequently asked on the eve of Three Wise Men day (5th January) – the last days of the Christmas. On the evening of this day, the youngest members of the household eagerly await a parade led by the Three Wise Men: Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar, which takes place all over the island, but most notably in Santa Cruz. Their Majesties travel by helicopter and after landing on a Football stadium, ride camels through the city centre, greet spectators and hand out sweets to children.

The Three Wise Men

The Three Wise Men

During this religious Christian tradition locals reenact the visit paid by the Kings of Orient to Jesus when he was born.
Children that have behaved well over the year receive the presents they have asked for, but those who have not been good are given artificial coal, which is sweet and edible.


Borough: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
When to go: afternoon of 5th January
Accessibility: Yes
Suitable for families: Yes

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