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The purpose of the museum is to show the richness and great variety of marine life found in the sea of Alborán, as well as to make the visitor aware of the necessity of caring for and protecting the marine environment that surrounds us. The building is divided into two large areas: the exhibition area, on the lower floor, and the research area, laboratories and lecture halls on the upper floor.

Underwater caves and cliffs hall, here you can see and enjoy the marine life found amoung the rocks. The skeleton hall, exhibits skeletons of marine life found around the sea of Alborán. Of particular interest are the pinna specimans and the giant squid. Man and the sea hall, models of boats are exhibited here and the bridge of a ship with the instruments necessary for sailing.

Aula del Mar de Malaga museum

In the aquarium and live species area you can find the patio de tortugas where you can see turtles which are in the final stages of preparation for re-release into the wild. The Aquarium Hall houses species typical to the sea of Alborán. Over 100 species are housed among the eco-systems reproduced here.

Aula del Mar de Málaga
Avda. Manuel Agustín Heredia, 35
Open: Monday – Friday: 10,00 h-14,30 h; Sat – Sun – Holidays: Closed
Prices: Adult 3 EUR; children and retired: 2,40 EUR

Contains projection room, laboratories, library and rooms for workshops and other activities. Offers other services such as environmental courses and educational courses related to marine studies and their didactic application etc.

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