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The best museum in the Balearic Islands can be found close to La Seu, in Palau Ayamans, a residence built around 1630. The palace was erected on the foundations of an Arab house (12th–13th century), which is still visible in the underground rooms of the museum. Opened in 1968, the museum houses a superb collection of works of art associated with Mallorcan history. The collection comprises several thousand exhibits and includes prehistoric artifacts found during archaeological excavations, stone fragments of fallen buildings, priceless Moorish ceramics and jewellery, and medieval and Baroque paintings.

La Seu Gothic Cathedral Palma de Mallorca

La Seu Gothic Cathedral Palma de Mallorca

Lar Augustal From Son Corro Sanctuary in Costixt, this 1st century AD bronze statue of a Roman domestic deity was an object of daily worship.

Paris i Helena (c.1665) Italian painting is represented by this Baroque work by Mattia Preti, whose extensive legacy can also be seen in Rome and Malta.

Almohad Treasure Items of Arab jewellery are among the museum’s most precious exhibits. They are kept in the treasury room, behind bulletproof glass.

Urna Turó
Dating between the 3rd century BC and first century AD, this vase from Turó de Ses Abelles in Calvià imitates the ceramics of the Iberian peninsula.

The museum’s collection is arranged on four floors, in chronological order. The oldest relics, including archaeological finds, are kept in the underground vault. The most recent art, including 19th- and 20th-century paintings, is exhibited on the top floor. The second floor is occupied by offices.

Cabeza de Mercurio
The Head of Mercurio is one of a group of 17thcentury stone sculptures by artists Jaume and Rafel Blanquer. It is one of the few remaining examples of profane Baroque sculpture.

Modernista Panel
This 20th-century, decorative glazed Modernista panel came from the Mallorcan ceramic factory, La Roqueta.

Altarpiece of St Bernardo (1325) Painted on a wooden panel by an unknown artist, this Gothic altarpiece is the first known monumental depiction of St Bernardo.

Statuette of a Warrior
The 4th-century BC bronze figure is of a divine warrior from Son Favar and forms part of a series known as Mars Balearicus.

. Lar Augustal
. Almohad Treasure
. Statuette of a Warrior

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