Museo Nacional de Aeropuertos y Transporte Aéreo / National Airport and Air Transport Museum

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A visit to this museum gives one a priviliged view of private planes from General Aviation which due to its everchanging nature is as if it were a temporary exhibition that changes from day to day. The museum boasts over 1000m2 of interior space and 3600m2 of outdoor space for its exhibition.

Museum Pieces
The current catalogue contains more than 2,611 exhibits. The pieces which tend to stand out for the visitor are the historic airplanes exhibited, an airplane observatory from the historic control tower of the 1940´s, old airline advertising and a visit to the cockpit of a DC – 9 Iberian airplane. You can also find model airplanes, air stewardess outfits and indeed everything related to the evolution of airline companies. During the visit you can see for yourself the internal workings of an airport along with the evolution of aeronautic technology and aviation engines, runway designs, radio control and teleprinters and the functions of the different professions such as air-traffic controller, signaller, air steward and pilot. Also in our interactive room different handling mechanisms demonstrate to you the principles of physics applied in aviation. The exhibits in the museum come from various airports in Spain and numerous private donors who in some cases bequeath us the result of a lifetime collecting.

Address: Avda. Comandante G. Morato, 81 29004 Málaga
Tel.: 952 04 81 76
Open: Tuesday – Sunday: 10,00 h – 14,00 h; Tuesday afternoon: 17,00 h – 20,00 h
How to get there:
By car: towards Malaga airport. Around the airport follow the sings Museo and Aviación General.
Public transport: suburban train to Fuengirola and bus number 19.
Price: Free admission
+ Info: Guided visits and workshops

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