Museo Interactivo de la Música / Interactive Museum of Music

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The Interactive Museum of Music is a unique project in Europe, both in terms of its dimension as well as the variety of what it offers. It is concieved as a great cultural space where sound envelopes the visitor and stimulates the senses. It boasts a valuable collection of instruments and musical objects from all over the world and the latest technology at the service of music. The museum sets out to introduce the visitor to music in a clear and simple fashion, using the most advanced up to date technology to allow the public to gain musical knowledge using their sensory faculties.

The museum is designed so that the visitor moves around in a circuit interacting with the museum through explanatory panels, graphic systems, audio inputs, interactive stations, multimedia sites, musical experiments, set designs and, of course, musical instruments which you can play, all of which provide a unique introduction to music. The purpose of the Interactive Museum of Music is to enable the public to open their five senses to musical experience provoking audio and physical sensations, up to now, unsuspected. Being a centre of activity and popularisation of everything related to the world of music, the museum has become a vibrant place in the city for students of and those interested in music.

Address: Plaza de la Marina 3, 29015 Málaga
Tel.: 952 21 04 40
Open: Monday – Friday: 10,00 h-14,00 h / 16,00 h – 20,00 h;
Weekends and holidays: 11,00 h-15,00 h / 16,30 h – 20,30 h
Price: Adult: 3 €; Retired people and students: 2 €; Groups without workshops: 2 €;
Groups with workshops: 4 €; free admission: children until 10 years old
School visits and workshops. Cultural and musical programmes.

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