Majorca: here comes the sun

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Why Choose Majorca?

First, Majorca offers beautiful sandy beaches with crystal blue waters and glorious sunshine; it’s no wonder Majorca is often referred to as an island paradise. If you like to lay back and read a book Majorca is definitely the place to unwind and relax.

Majorca, Can Pastilla beach

Majorca, Can Pastilla beach

Secondly, Majorca facilitates many activities such as,

• Festivals – There are many festivals take place Majorca all year round which shows the more traditional side of Majorca celebrating past trails and victories.

• Shopping – Palma would definitely be the place to shop in Majorca with modern and traditional shops available. The older shops tend to sell spices and decretive ornaments while the newer shops take a modern shoppers need in to consideration.

• Cycling – Rolling hills, beautiful landscapes, light traffic and dry road conditions – there’s no wonder why this destination is so popular with cyclists. Even the cycling professionals take to the Majorcan roads to do their intensive training.

• Hiking – Majorca has many choices for hikers wanting to explore the scenery including strolling costal treks and challenging mountain trails. Hikers are encouraged to take trips late summertime when the days are slightly cooler.

• Water Sports – are very popular amongst the adventurous tourists. If Jet skiing, Wakeboarding, Kite Skiing and Water skiing floats your boat, don’t hesitate to hit the beach and start sampling the fabulous water sports available.

• Golfing – Majorca has an excellent dry climate for golfing with over 20 golf courses. Thousands of tourists make their way to the fairways of Majorca every year to watch and play this fantastic pastime.

• Bars and clubs – Magalluf, not for the faint of heart, plays host to a vast range of bars and clubs, mainly for the younger generation, Magalluf is a sure winner.

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