Luxurious living in Mallorca Spain

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In Mallorca, you will find an unblemished world of utopian dreams, with beautifully converted old country estates, charming rural hotels and luxuriously renovated manor houses catering to every comfort and desire.

Leisured holidays centered on the authenticity and tranquility of the interior of Mallorca Island – oases of peace where you may savor the calm of the countryside and the serenity of nature, far from the noise and fevered strident jollity of conventional tourism. Mallorca is the perfect retreat for those who seek a slower pace of life and gorgeous surroundings.

The coves of the Balearic Islands are fascinatingly beautiful, but they also hide great dangers. The winds of Mallorca Island change quickly and often, making nautical activities difficult to forecast. Many Mallorcans restrict their activities to those farther inland, and makes their homes there as well. Whether you’re looking for a small apartment or a family home, whether you dream of living in an old manor house in the country or you’d rather be surrounded by the Palma nightlife, you’ll without a doubt find what you’re looking for here.

No matter your criteria, there is something for everyone on Mallorca Island. From apartments to town homes to countryside manors to terraced and semi-detached Villas, every taste and desire is covered from one end of the island to the other. Property here is less expensive than ten years ago due to growth around inland cities and the rise of the economic status in Mallorca.

If you’re going to buy, now is the time!

Apartments range from € 50,000 to upwards of € 100,000. Townhomes are slightly more coveted, and can reach the high 300’s toward the center of the Island. Rustic Villas come both Spartan and austere, and can include such amenities as pools, covered patios, gated entrances, ocean views, and restored ancient architecture. These Villas range in price from € 200,000 to more than €1.5 million. For luxurious hotels go to Luxury Resort Guide website there is an incredible variety of hotel deals at their site.

Sporting activities are extremely popular on Mallorca Island, and range from golf to cycling to tennis, and even include long walks on the beach. Horseback riding is an extremely popular sport, and there are many stables and equestrian centers on the island that offer lessons, boarding, and horse shows. Riding clubs are popular among children, and students compete against one another for prizes.

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