La laurisilva

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The laurisilva wood that covers the Anaga highland and other parts of the north of Tenerife is considered by scientists to be a genuine living fossil. This forest which 20 million years ago covered all the south of Europe during the Miocene and Pliocene periods disappeared with the glaciers of the quaternary era. However in the Canary Islands due to the latitude and the oceanic winds this vegetation has been preserved and remains as the last example of this flora which has not evolved for millions of years.

The growth of this forest is limited by its dependence upon very specific conditions of humidity and temperature to a belt between 500 and 1,400 meters in steep regions of the north. The laurisilva consists of 20 species of trees all native to the islands which form an intricate coat of vegetation.

La laurisilva, Tenerife

La laurisilva, Tenerife

In Anaga there are various signposted paths which run beneath the tree tops like the one from la Casa Forestal (kilometer 4 of the La Laguna – Taganana main road) which runs down to the village of Taganana. This road has a signpost marked “Vueltas de Taganana “ and yellow signs as a tourist route. The time taken to travel in one direction is approximately an hour and a half. (photo:KUI)

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