Iglesia de Santa María – St Mary’s Church

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This is the oldest church in the city and was built in the Gothic style between the 14th and 16th centuries over the ruins of what was once the main mosque during the Moorish domination. The solid-looking towers flanking the façade are similar in appearance, but are in fact different in that the right tower has an original “L” shape and dates from the 14th century whereas the other is rectangular and was erected in 1713. The portal is a beautiful example of sculpted baroque stonework and is attributed to Juan Bautista Borja.

Alicante, Esglesia de Santa Maria

Alicante, Esglesia de Santa Maria

Of note inside is the high alter in golden rococo (18th C), the choir in a very pure 14th-century Gothic style, the 16th-century Immaculate Conception chapel, with an image by Esteve Bonet (18th C), the antechoir, with a handsome baroque stone doorway, and the baptism chapel whose font in white Carrara marble is of Italian workmanship from the 16th century, attributed to the school of Michelangelo.

There are many works of art kept inside this church, of which two valuable pieces from the 15th century can be highlighted: a Gothic image in stone representing St Mary and a sculpture of the Santos Juanes by Rodrigo de Osona. There are also incunabula dating from the 13th century onwards.

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