Icod de los Vinos

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This pretty spot lies 22 km west of Puerto de la Cruz in the north of the island. Its delightful old part has a special charm as it combines like no other the traditional architecture of the colonial past with lush tropical vegetation. Its steep paved side streets around the Plaza de la Pila house important historical buildings such as the sixteenth century church with its beautiful baroque interior.

Also worth visiting are the churches of San Agustin and las Angustias and the San Francisco convent. Icod is famous for having been the centre of production of malvasia wine which in past centuries was considered the best in the world and even praised by Shakespeare himself. After many centuries of oblivion the wine is at present recovering its ancient reputation and bears a prestigious mark of origin.

In Icod there is also one of the greatest attractions of the island, the thousand year old drago tree whose strange and enormous presence in front of the Teide is shown on one of the most well known picture postcards of Tenerife.

Drago Tree of Icod

Drago Tree of Icod

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