Ibiza Medieval Fair

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The second weekend of May, the ancient walled city welcomes the Ibiza Medieval Fair, a showcase for craft markets, magicians, puppets, clowns, minstrels and jugglers who fill the city with colour and atmosphere.

Eivissa: Medieval Ibiza commemorates its declaration as a Mankind Heritage Site

Eivissa: Medieval Ibiza commemorates its declaration as a Mankind Heritage Site

Medieval Ibiza, which commemorates the city’s declaration as a Mankind Heritage Site in 1999, will be transforming Ibiza’s old quarter, known as Dalt Vila, into a market with more than 100 stalls, a range of artisan trades demonstrated in person, hundreds of artists performing in the streets, theatres, exhibitions and much, much more.

These commemorative events, held every year during the second weekend of May, focus on aspects related to the culture of this city, which gave refuge to Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs. Thus, a route of over one kilometre around Dalt Vila divided in theme zones offers all types of medieval activities, such as medieval children’s games, falconry exhibitions, the tolling of the bells in Ibiza Cathedral that was traditional during the sixteenth and seventeenth centres, medieval jousts, Arabic dancing and music, acrobatics, jugglers and farm animals.

The Ibiza Archaeology Museum will be offering an exhibit of archaeological remains from Punic times to the Middle Ages and the Punic burial grounds at Puig des Molins will be displaying burial sites from Phoenician-Punic times. Both exhibitions are free of charge.

Place: Walled City of Dalt Vila in Ibiza
Dates: the second weekend of May
Further information: www.ibiza.es

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