Gran Canaria Rock Spikes

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The rock spikes are, possibly, the single most representative landmark of Gran Canaria scenery. These enormous blocks of volcanic rock that project and protrude from the Gran Canaria peaks, bestow a singular beauty on the landscape as a whole. The omnipresence of the rocks, as one gazes towards the mountain summits from many spots around the island, explains why these monoliths were regarded as sacred mountains by the pre-Hispanic inhabitants.

Nowadays they continue to retain profound sentimental value for the locals, who see them as symbols par excellence of their island. The blocks are in reality the remains of huge plates of volcanic agglutinate left exposed by weathering and erosion. The origin of these sheets goes back some four million years, to one of the most violent eruptive processes in the volcanic history of the Canaries.

The best known are “Roque Nublo” and “Bentaiga”, and the best viewing spots are Cruz de Tejeda, Pozo de las Nieves, and the picturesque towns of Artenara and Tejeda. From any of these points, and preferably at sundown, the sight of these natural monuments is overwhelming. They have never been better described than by Miguel de Unamuno, who, after seeing them, coined the phrase, “petrified storm”.

Roque Nublo and Bentaiga

Roque Nublo and Bentaiga

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