Gran Canaria Dams

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Among the elements that go to make up this island’s scenery, there is one which, because it is not natural, endows Gran Canaria with a personality distinct from any other island in the archipelago…the dams.

The many dams and artificial lakes on Gran Canaria were built to take advantage of the island’s deeply indented and incised topography, which sluices seawards the entire run-off from the scant rain of substance that falls during the year. So swift is this process that it would otherwise allow no time for collection.

In this land of plunging ravines and sharply uneven terrain, the dams assume some very peculiar shapes indeed, always hanging from the most unlikely crags and appearing where least expected.

Nowadays, some -the larger and more easily accessible ones- are leisure areas. Prominent among this latter sort are the Chira and Cueva de las Niñas Dams, although there are many others of comparable or even greater beauty, e.g., the Los Pérez, Hornos, El Mulato, Soria, Ayagaures, Tirajana, Parralillo, Siberio Dams, among others. All are worth a trip. photo:Mperdomo

Dam of Soria, Gran Canaria

Dam of Soria, Gran Canaria

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