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Paradise is a state of mind. It is based on a harmonious landscape, full of beauty and at the same time, welcoming. On a sense of time that is slow, encircling, profound. And above all on the feeling of being in a closed world, removed from problems and conflicts, far away from everything. An approachable, human-size world. A treasure island. And these are precisely the characteristics of Formentera.

Formentera is the southernmost island of the Balearics. And ever since hippy times it has served as a symbol of paradise, the perfect land, the place where you can be happy. The fact that it can only be reached by sea lends it a romantic character. You have to embark on a sea crossing, experience arrival minute by minute.

Watching Ibiza fall away behind you, seeing the islets one after another, and how the boat suddenly heads for a flat land, with promontories at the tips. An island that looks like something out of a storybook, because you can see from afar how the light sparkles, the reflections. As though we were entering a different dimension.

Formentera coast

Formentera coast

And in a way, we are. As an island within other islands, Formentera is a land with its own rules. The first one is, there’s no rush. Since the landscape is so flat, the sky looks very big. And you can see how the clouds float by very slowly. The dusks are never-ending.

And human relationships benefit from that tranquillity, too. There are no large towns on Formentera. Sant Francesc de Formentera, the centre of the municipality, and Sant Ferran de ses Roques are open, placid, pleasant towns. Pilar de la Mola is still a dispersed hamlet, and Es Pujols is a small tourist resort.

For many years now Formentera has symbolized the antidote to the rushing and evils of the modern world. Sensations are complete here. You touch a stone, you contemplate the turquoise sea, and you want to become an artist. Because the magic, the secret of Formentera, speaks directly to your soul.

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