Fiestas de San Agustín in Felanitx

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Cavallets and dimoni are featured in the San Agustín saint’s day festivities in the Mallorcan town of Felanitx, which also includes concerts, street bands and sporting events.

Mallorca - Fiestas de San Agustín in Felanitx

Mallorca - Fiestas de San Agustín in Felanitx

The celebrations officially kick off with the opening proclamation, which gives way to a jam-packed week of cultural activities, sports, games and musical performances and concerts at night for young people.

One of the highpoints of the festival is Els Cavallets: a series of ritual fertility dances that date back to the founding of the Convent of Sant Agustí in 1603.

Els Cavallets are enacted by 6 children between the ages of 10 and 13 who dance around a lady dressed in a costume that imitates a pony. The children wear green hats with white trimming and red costumes with touches of white. The part of the lady is played by a girl dressed in white and pink with a green jacket and a red hat. She uses a finely embroidered handkerchief to mark the musical beat and signals the dancers’ entrances.

The dances have different names: els Canvis, Pas Nou, Passeig, Rotllet, ses Esses, etc. and are performed to the accompaniment of bagpipes, flutes and drums. A demon runs and leaps from one side to another chasing the children while els Cavallets dance.

Els Cavallets perform twice during the celebrations in Felanitx: once on the Sunday before the feast of Sant Agustí during the parade of street bands in the evening and again in the morning on the feast day itself, August 28, after the mass.

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