Excursion to Bandama Caldera

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One of the most fascinating and spectacular volcanoes on the island is that of Bandama. It is formed by a well-defined cone, 574 metres high, and an impressive depression, measuring 1,200 metres in diameter and 220 in depth. This enormous caldera, the result of a violent explosion, is one of the biggest craters of its kind in the world.

The Bandama Caldera is easily accessible from Las Palmas, a distance of only 12 kilometres. To get there, catch bus no. 39 at the Bus & Coach Station (estación de guaguas) or, if travelling by car, follow the C-811, a road known locally as the carretera del centro, to the turn-off at the 10-km mark. A further three-kilometre drive takes one to the peak of the volcano, from which excellent views can be had of the caldera and the central part of the island.

Bandama crater on Gran Canaria

Bandama crater on Gran Canaria

A short tour on foot can be made along the lip of the caldera and/or down to the crater bottom. For the former, one has to go behind the small golf-course hotel, visible from the peak, to find the path that circles the crater wall. To see the crater interior, there is a track that begins to the left of the chapel in the hamlet at the edge of the caldera. At the bottom is an old press where Malvasía wine (Malmsey) was formerly made.

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