Dijous Bo in Inca

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Inca is known as the city of leather and fairs and not in vain, since within the space of just one month it celebrates four of Mallorca’s most popular festivities, the last of which is Dijous Bo, a combination of trade, culture and sports activities.

Mallorca Dijous Bo in Inca

Mallorca Dijous Bo in Inca

The first fair takes place on the first Sunday after St Luke’s Day (October 18), g a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages, and the two following fairs take place on the two following Sundays. Although Sunday is the main day of the three fairs, their respective activities programmes usually begin on Friday.

Each fair revolves around a theme: the first it is dedicated to the zone’s farm and culinary products. Wines play a stellar role and there is a wide-ranging plant and flower exhibition.

The second fair was especially conceived with young people in mind and features a programme that focuses on the world of motors, leisure and sport that turns the streets of Inca into a all-purpose track.

The third fair is also known as Fira d’Època and features events that revolve around the more or less remote past, and include an antique car rally, activities related to the city’s history, a medieval market and more.

The fourth fair does not take place on the following Sunday, but instead on the next Thursday. Known as Dijous Bo, it is Mallorca’s largest fair and includes an extensive range of activities, with several exhibits of local breeds of farm animals, one of most famous of which is porc negre (black pork), which is raised on Mallorca’s meadows and in its sparse woods to make exquisite sobrassada with a distinctively sweet taste.

The exhibitions also include farm machinery, motoring, a crafts market, culinary products and a fashion show that features the latest leather creations. Cultural exhibitions, sport activities and street concerts are also planned.

Over time, the day before Dijous Bo has taken on its own protagonism and is called Dimecres Bo. Celebrations of all kinds make it a good excuse to go out on the night before the most festive Thursday of the year.

The train that connects Palma with Inca is a good alternative to driving and the most convenient way to reach the fairs.

Inca City Council telephone number: 971 880 150.

More information: www.dijousbo.es , www.ajinca.net

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