Decorating Your Spanish Rental Property

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If you want to get the most out of your rental home, there’s a few things you should consider. Let’s take a look…

Safety – All furnishings for your rental home should comply with fire safety regulations. Only buy furnishings that come with labels clearly indicating that they satisfy this requirement. Also, make sure that any trailing flexes are safely out of the way so that guests or cleaners do not trip over them.

Seating – Consider the maximum number of guests that will be using your property, and ensure that you have enough seating to meet their needs in the sitting room, dining area, and in the bedrooms. If space is an issue, you may want to consider fold out chairs and sofa beds.

Electrical Points – An important consideration is the number of required electrical points. If you have a developer working on your property, either building it from scratch, or renovating, make sure that you request a suitable number of electrical points to be fitted, as developers often put in too few.

Cleanliness – It is vital that your property is kept spotlessly clean if you want your customers to return again. Replace towels and bed linen often. You may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning company to service your property for you.

Create A Homely Atmosphere – Guests will appreciate a property that they can feel at home in – provide a selection of DVDs, books, games, cards, magazines and CDs for your guests to use.

Instruction Manuals – A useful item to include is an instruction manual. You can type up a simple list of instructions for your guests, letting them know how various appliances work.

Guide Books – Your guests will greatly appreciate the provision of a local guide book – either a published guide book and/or your own guide including information about local restaurants, bars and attractions, local store locations and opening times and public transport timetables.

Emergency Phone Numbers – Provide a list of phone numbers and addresses in case of emergencies – include doctors, dentists, hospitals, and the police.

Walls – When choosing to paint or decorate, stick to neutral colours, this way you will appeal to the broadest possible market. Neutral colours help to make your property look clean and fresh. Well-chosen wall pictures or shelving can brighten the place up, and help to differentiate your property from other apartments.

Lighting – The right lighting can really make a difference to the appearance and feel of your property. Ensure there is sufficient lighting in each room, including a few occasional lamps, bedside lights, and safe lighting for wet areas. To save on energy bills, try installing low wattage bulbs throughout.

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