Exploring the Agaete Valley and Guayadeque Ravine

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Agaete and Guayadeque are two of the most stunning ravines on the island. Each lies in a different area, with the result that they offer two different sorts of vegetation and human population.

Hiking to Roque Nublo

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The starting point for this short hike is the col known as Degollada de la Goleta (1,578 metres). To get here, one must have a vehicle: two kilometres before reaching the town of Ayacata (coming from the north), look out for a place where the road drops sharply away, with the Nublo in plain view […]

Excursion to Bandama Caldera

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One of the most fascinating and spectacular volcanoes on the island is that of Bandama. It is formed by a well-defined cone, 574 metres high, and an impressive depression, measuring 1,200 metres in diameter and 220 in depth. This enormous caldera, the result of a violent explosion, is one of the biggest craters of its […]

A stroll in Tamadaba pinewood

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The Tamadaba pinewood is not only the best conserved, but it also offers one of the most beautiful panoramas to be seen on Gran Canaria. This pinewood stands at a height of 1,300 metres on a coastal plateau, at a point where the shoreline rises in a series of truly imposing crags that fall away […]

Gran Canaria Desert

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On crossing the mountain watershed from north to south, a totally different landscape opens up before one’s eyes: arid, rocky, rugged and broken. If the day has been overcast in the north, the clouds will be seen to stay on this flank, leaving the southern skies free of northern humidity.

Gran Canaria Volcanoes

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Gran Canaria Island’s volcanic origin confers upon it certain scenic peculiarities of great rarity. The main distinguishing feature of Gran Canaria volcanism is the superimposition of modern structures upon old, giving rise to myriad forms of cones, depressions and volcanic lava flows. The last-mentioned, rivers of solidified lava, are present in a variety seen in […]

Gran Canaria Forests

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Of the approximately 600 identified Canaries’ plant species, 32 correspond to trees. Their botanical importance stems from their condition as authentic living fossils, constituting all that is left of the great forest that mantled the Mediterranean basin during the Tertiary period. Probably nowhere else on Earth is there a forest-covering like that of the Canaries, […]

Gran Canaria Rock Spikes

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The rock spikes are, possibly, the single most representative landmark of Gran Canaria scenery. These enormous blocks of volcanic rock that project and protrude from the Gran Canaria peaks, bestow a singular beauty on the landscape as a whole. The omnipresence of the rocks, as one gazes towards the mountain summits from many spots around […]

Gran Canaria Dams

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Among the elements that go to make up this island’s scenery, there is one which, because it is not natural, endows Gran Canaria with a personality distinct from any other island in the archipelago…the dams.

Gran Canaria Ravines

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The ravines are the one feature of the landscape that most intensely shapes life on Gran Canaria. Millions of years of powerful erosion have gouged and scoured the island’s many ravines, gorges and gullies which radiate out in all directions from the mountain heights down to the coast.