Exploring the Agaete Valley and Guayadeque Ravine

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Agaete and Guayadeque are two of the most stunning ravines on the island. Each lies in a different area, with the result that they offer two different sorts of vegetation and human population.

Hiking to Roque Nublo

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The starting point for this short hike is the col known as Degollada de la Goleta (1,578 metres). To get here, one must have a vehicle: two kilometres before reaching the town of Ayacata (coming from the north), look out for a place where the road drops sharply away, with the Nublo in plain view […]

Excursion to Bandama Caldera

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One of the most fascinating and spectacular volcanoes on the island is that of Bandama. It is formed by a well-defined cone, 574 metres high, and an impressive depression, measuring 1,200 metres in diameter and 220 in depth. This enormous caldera, the result of a violent explosion, is one of the biggest craters of its […]

A stroll in Tamadaba pinewood

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The Tamadaba pinewood is not only the best conserved, but it also offers one of the most beautiful panoramas to be seen on Gran Canaria. This pinewood stands at a height of 1,300 metres on a coastal plateau, at a point where the shoreline rises in a series of truly imposing crags that fall away […]

Gran Canaria Desert

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On crossing the mountain watershed from north to south, a totally different landscape opens up before one’s eyes: arid, rocky, rugged and broken. If the day has been overcast in the north, the clouds will be seen to stay on this flank, leaving the southern skies free of northern humidity.