Canarian Cuisine: fresh, original and simple

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There are few places in the world where can you eat as well and as healthily as on Tenerife. From fresh fish soaked in local wine to a puchero prepared with fresh vegetables, eaten with white cheese and gofio, gastronomy is lovingly cared for on Tenerife.

Canarian Cuisine

Canarian Cuisine

Tenerife’s cuisine is an integration of all kinds of tastes and blends to create food which appeals to the most demanding palate. But if anything can define the gastronomy of the Islands it is the simplicity of the ingredients and their preparation. One of the best known dishes is “papas arrugadas”, which are potatoes boiled in salt and water.

Gastronomy with popular appeal

The people of Tenerife have traditionally been very enthusiastic about making cuisine part of their festive events. Thus, in the romerías, typical fiestas which are held in celebration of Canarian tradition, popular cuisine always plays a part and it is custom for people to share their food at the festivals.

Every year, in many regions of Tenerife, traditional cooking competitions are held that are open to both professionals and amateurs alike; the different tascas and bars on the island have tapas making competitions as well as cake and dessert-making competitions, using local produce such as chestnuts, honey and apples, etc. It is The Gastronomy Plan, set up by the Tenerife Cabildo (Island Authority) that has seen this revitalisation of a significant number of regional competitions, contests and championships.

One of the activities with the greatest overseas appeal that is carried out under the Plan is the Island of Tenerife Tri-continental Meeting of Gastronomy, which brings together cooks from Europe, Africa and America, as well as outstanding speakers. The Absolute Championship of Canarian Cooks is also regularly held as well as the International Competition of Gastronomic Photography. The island’s food is also included in the international summit of gastronomy, Madrid-Fusión.

Below is a selection of the key, healthy ingredients of Canarian cuisine which give the food its distinctive flavour. We encourage you to try them during your stay in Tenerife.

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