C’an Pastilla

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Over 40 years ago, C’an Pastilla was one of the initial Mallorcan resorts to gain popularity, particularly with British holidaymakers, and it has started to show its age somewhat. It is set on the island’s south coast, close to the capital Palma, and is right next to Palma’s lively international airport.

C’an Pastilla is linked to the more German-orientated El Arenal by a walkway and has a long, beautiful beach with plenty of sun-loungers and umbrellas. A mini tourist train runs along the sea front and also links the resort to El Arenal.

C’an Pastilla is a low-key resort, with much of the nightlife centring on British-style bars and hotel entertainment; El Arenal tends to offer more in the way of nightlife.

Mallorca, C'an Pastilla beach

Mallorca, C'an Pastilla beach

The town itself consists of a crowded prime strip, with a range of restaurants, bars and petite shops as well as an attractive marina. There are various watersports on offer, as well as the enormous waterpark at El Arenal and a mini-golf course, jeep safaris, cruises and more.

A regular bus service runs to Palma de Mallorca and there are also neighbouring villages and historical sites to explore. More often than not, C’an Pastilla is merely a stop off point for visitors to the island, but those who stay can expect a delightful beach holiday.

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