Cala d’Or

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Like most resorts in Mallorca, Cala d’Or (Golden Cove) evolved from a small fishing village. ‘Discovered’ by a group of avant-garde artistes in the 1930’s, their whitish, flat-roofed houses around the scenic fishing harbour lead Cala d’Or to become a likeable spot to have a holiday home or an ideal location for a relaxing seaside holiday.

The original village and harbour were situated in one of the small rocky coves which abound on Mallorca’s east coast. The resort has now spread out to encompass many of these coves, all now beset with enchanting hotels, apartment blocks and villas.

Cala d'Or Marina

Cala d'Or Marina

It is a very chic resort, recommended for families because most establishments cater extremely well for children. There are numerous adjacent smaller resorts and quaint villages clustered around the calas all along the south-east coastline which means visitors can make excursions to explore the delights of places like Cala Egos, Puerto Petro, Cala Mondrago, Cala Figuera, Cala Santanyi and Cala Llombarts. The Cala d’Or marina is the heart of the east coast resort area, attracting the fashionable yachting set. (photo:Igasspei)

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