Alicante gastronomy

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Internationally renowned for its health-benefits, the Mediterranean diet is particularly prominent in Alicante thanks to the produce cultivated in its fertile soil and to the fresh fish and seafood caught in its waters. Rice is undoubtedly the main ingredient in most dishes, accompanied by fish and shellfish on some occasions and by meat or vegetables on others.

Furthermore, the renowned and highly prestigious local wines complement this exquisite cuisine. Specialities such as “coca amb tonyina”, a succulent tuna pasty, the “coca boba” (sweet) and “coca de molletes” (savoury) are just a few examples of Alicante’s culinary richness: a richness that extends to a range of “montaditos” (small sandwiches combining meats and salted fish with vegetables) and, of course, the typically Spanish “tapas”.

Alicante cuisine, Arroz con costra

Alicante cuisine: Arroz con costra

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