Adlib Fashion and Ibiza

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From the 1960’s on many Americans and Europeans discovered a place in the Mediterranean that up until then had remained isolated from tourism: Ibiza. Bit by bit the island turned into one of the international refuges of the hippy movement and in this freedom-loving and easy-going atmosphere Ad-lib fashion was born (from the Latin word “adlibitum” “at one’s pleasure”), a comfortable and simple aesthetic that was soon to export the fame of Ibiza to all corners of the world.

Inspired by clothes and typical garments of the Pitiusan islands and with clear influences from the hippy movement, Adlib fashion was lead by the Yugoslavian princess, Smilja Mihailovitch by the year 1970. She defended a style that gave women more awareness of their bodies and a sense of freedom at the same time. Her motto was: “Dress as you like, but dress with taste”.

Nowadays Adlib fashion is a well-consolidated brand that has inspired some of the most prestigious designers of the international catwalk. Nonetheless, the original creations of Ibiza continue to possess their handmade character and its main signs of identity: the use of white as the main colour, l00% natural fabrics and a philosophy that has hardly changed with the passage of the years. Adlib is still synonymous today with comfortable clothes, clear and light tones and absolutely personal lines which fuse the hippy imprint with the elegant simplicity of traditional Mediterranean apparel.

Every year, at the beginning of the summer, Adlib fashion is renewed. Its last collections are enriched with bridal gowns, bathing suits, leather clothes, complements and handmade jewellery. The Pitiusan creators have also incorporated colour into their suggestions (from red to black passing by the turquoise of the waters of Ibiza). The more innovative designers exist alongside the purest spirit of Adlib fashion that still relies on loose sizes and dressmaking with cotton trimmed with crochet work, flounces, tulle, and traditional hems. All of these are resources that do not restrict movement but rather accentuate it so that the clothes freedom is clear to see, suggesting an innocent and fun fashion for day and seduction for the night.

Some of the most well-known companies on the national and international stage that design and produce their clothes on the island of Ibiza are Charo Ruiz, Juanita Diaz, Francisca Ferrer, Melania Phis, Maru Garcia, Luis Ferrer, Zarabanda, Bianca, Catalina Bonet, Pepa Bonett, Marta Raffo and Nacho Ruiz.

Other creators who have joined in more recently are Tony Bonet for Bianca, Eva Cardona, Ruben Perlotti for brides, Piluca Bayarri, Kathia Alves, Ibimoda, Dira Moda, Tres Ibiza, Hippy Chick, Beatrice San Francisco, Marmade in jewellery, Ishvara and Cristine Astruc in leather, de los Angeles and MYC in children’s clothes.

Adlib’s recommendations for all the family have turned into a high point in the history of fashion: its clothes accompany and embellish the natural movement of the body and evoke the island of Ibiza forever.

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