A stroll in Tamadaba pinewood

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The Tamadaba pinewood is not only the best conserved, but it also offers one of the most beautiful panoramas to be seen on Gran Canaria. This pinewood stands at a height of 1,300 metres on a coastal plateau, at a point where the shoreline rises in a series of truly imposing crags that fall away almost vertically to the sea far below.

For a walk through Tamadaba, start by car from the nearby town of Artenara. At the 8-kilometre mark, take the right-hand fork -the only one permitted- in order to circle the pinewood. About four kilometres on, turn right in the direction of the camp area.

When this track peters out, continue on foot, keeping to the left of the campsite, and making for a flattish area. Here, carefully approach the edge of the cliff face, from which one gets an absolutely spectacular view of the Risco Faneque and the Island of Tenerife. Continuing a few hundred metres northwards along the edge, one comes out on the very tip of the outcrop, with the ocean visible and audible over three thousand feet below.

Tamadaba pinewood

Tamadaba pinewood

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